In the modern quick-paced environment, innovation is at the core of any company success. The ability of a business to constantly re-invent itself in order to keep its completive edge in the face of the never-ending challenges does not come without effort.
First of all, it is about the ability to be open to new ideas and solutions, which in many mature businesses falls victim to past success and old experiences that tend to create dogmatic and rigid thinking. An obvious solution to this problem is to involve a total outsider to the ideation and design process. Working with us will give you a fresh, outsider view that could boost the creativity of your business.
Second, innovation sparks where diversity of experiences clashes and interacts. We believe that we could be a good addition to your team. Our experience in the harsh local environment has thought as to create simple and yet elegant solutions to complex problems. Scarcity and uncertainty on the other hand has made us flexible and sturdy. All this could work in your favour.
Third, creativity is about having access to new talent. Siviko has deep roots in the two biggest technical universities in Bulgaria – Technical University of Sofia and University of Ruse. Through us you can get an easy access to Bulgaria’s best pool of engineering talent.
We have always been passionate and curious about making systems and products that are more resource-efficient, easier to use, more flexible and intelligent, because we believe that this is essential if we are to resolve the environmental, economic and social challenges that humanity faces today. In fact, for us engineering isn’t just a job - it’s also a hobby that we have practiced and enjoyed for a very long time.
We have a team of young engineers with very diverse experiences and knowledge – from software engineers to hardware designers that have worked in the fields of industrial automation, electronics, software engineering, power engineering, and mechanical engineering. Moreover, our engineering competencies are backed by people with solid knowledge in business processes, strategy and project management. This excellent blend of knowledge and experience allows us to execute various projects with great deal of creativity and confidence.
We take pride in our work and we stand by everything we do. We can guarantee that every service or product you receive will be delivered in time and with the requested quality. However, “quality” for us is not just good materials and being on time – it is also an attitude, especially when solving unexpected problems. We are not just following some requirements or specifications – we are pro-active, we think and we offer solutions. Our goal is the same as yours - to resolve your need, which is why it is so easy to work with us.

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