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February 10, 2017

Take care of work safety on the low and medium voltage power networks. Leakage current alarm signaler Sonel MPU-1

The works like repairs, renovation, reconstruction, and modernization of medium voltage overhead live lines always involve the risk and danger of breakdown, accident or electric shock of employees doing the work. Of course you can minimize these risks through the use of appropriate personal protective equipment such as. insulating mats, electrical insulating gloves, dielectric boots, non-flammable clothing, but all these safety measures will not detect increasing current flowing through the pole grounding that too high level can be the first warning of danger. Polish Society of Electricity Transmission and Distribution specifies the rules for connecting and disconnecting the grounding of lines with voltage up to 20 kV. In these guidelines are stored definitions, the necessary equipment and methodology of working with dangerous voltage lines, one of the pieces of equipment is instrument for continuous monitoring of the grounding current above the level higher than 1 A is a signal to immediately stop the work. The duty of continuously current grounding monitoring rests on heading a team of workers, in case of detection of the danger he is also responsible for safe evacuation of all persons from the workplace. To improve the safety of people working with live power lines Sonel SA designed and introduce for sale the new leakage current alarm MPU-1, which meets the requirements of the aforementioned guidelines.

First of all, it has been designed to be convenient and reliable guard of the safety of people in the workplace. The preset minimum current level where loud audible alarm with a warning light signaling is switched is 1 A, in accordance with the PTPiREE guidelines, of course it is also possible to manually set a different minimum alarm in the range from 0.5 to 9.9A (with the possibility of increase alarm range in the production phase for individual needs). Another problem with this type of device operating outside is variable and often bad weather conditions to which it is exposed. MPU-1 has a degree of protection IP-67 in accordance to EN 60529 it is dust and water proof, the device can operate in temperatures from -10 to +50 C. The device is supplied in a hard carrying case for easy transport also with additional accessories to the workplace and protects against dirt or accidental damage.

Alarm works with additional Sonel clamps F1, F2, F3 and F4 series, with can be choose from length of 45 cm to 200 cm. This device has already found many buyers who have safety and the lives of workers on first place. Each method or device improving the security of work, performed on medium voltage lines, should be regarded as necessary by the person responsible for safety at dangerous workplace.

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