Siviko Wire Pay-off | WPO 630L1

SIVIKO WPO 630L1 is an Industry 4.0 enabled, wire pay-off machine, which is a budget solution – medium speed, reliable product quality and cost efficiency. It is the perfect fit for bobbin winders, take-up machines etc.



  • Easy reel loading on cantilever shaft
  • Solid frame welded construction with compact design
  • Industry 4.0 enabled, provides performance, energy consumption and status data through Modbus to external systems and devices


  • Keeps wire tension constant by pneumatic wire tension control, dynamic motor control and PID controlled dancer
  • Twist free pay-off of individual wires and wire bundles
  • Automatically stops when wire breaks


  • Normal working speed up to 350 m/min, with a ramp-up time down to 10 s
  • Quick reel change by hall crane or transpalet

Cost Efficiency

  • Lower energy consumption through high motor efficiency level (IE3) and variable-frequency drive (VFD)
  • Cost-efficient maintenance due to durable design and availability of maintenance data


  • Reliable safety relay monitoring the safety system
  • Emergency stop and a brake that stops the machine in max 5 s
  • Optional safety fence and a lockable door that makes the reel inaccessible by an accident during operations



Linear speed 350 m/min (max for reel barrel diameter of 315 mm)  * customizable
Wire type Cu, Cu tin-plated  
Wire bundle size cross section 0,15 … 1,55 mm2  / diameter 0,44 … 1,40 mm  
Individual wire size cross section 0,10 … 1,35 mm2 / diameter 0,36 … 1,30 mm  
Wire tension 2 N … 20 N
Ramp up/down for reel 650 kg min 10 s  


Number of reels 1
Spindle capacity 650 kg (max)  
Reel dimensions 400 … 630 mm  * customizable


Speed control Self-adjustable by dancer  
Motor speed control Variable frequency drive vector control  
Dancer PID Loop Feedback
Wire tension control Manual precise pneumatics
Reel lifting system By hall crane or transpalet
Jog mode Push button and dancer operated


Emergency stop Twist to release push button  
Time until full stop max 5 s at full speed with 650 kg reel  
Safety fence and door Auto locked when the operation starts *  optional


Power and Type 2,2 kW / 3 phase asynchronous motor  * customizable
Variable Frequency Drive Vector control  
Motor break Electromagnetic
Motor cooling Active
Efficiency Level IE3


Air supply 6 … 10 bar  * customizable

Interface and Communication

Run; Fault Outputs – dry contacts  * customizable
Communication RS-485 (Modbus RTU), Ethernet (Modbus TCP)
Industry 4.0 Enabled

Power supply and mechanical data

Weight approx. 350 kg  * customizable
Dimensions 1000 х 1000 х 1150 mm (W × D × H)  * customizable
Power supply AC 230/400 V, 50 Hz (AC 220/380 V, 50 Hz); 2,3 kVA  * customizable

Environmental conditions

Degree of protection of cabinet IP 54  
Working temperature 0 … + 50 °C  
Relative humidity 10 … 90 % without condensation