Automatic Cable Tester | Siviko ACT 150

Siviko ACT 150 е иновативна уредба за изпитване на кабели, която предоставя удобно автоматизирано решение за производители на кабели и дистрибутори, които искат да гарантират качеството на своите продукти чрез провеждане на електрически измервания на активно съпротивление и напрежение.


Основни характеристики


Siviko ACT 15 има няколко нива на безопасност:

  • Независими хардуерни и софтуерни защитни вериги,
  • Защитни ограждения със автоматично заключване,
  • Система за автоматично заземяване – Siviko AGS,
  • Индикации и бутони авариен стоп.

Освен това, уредбата има интелигентни алгоритми, които защитават оборудването в случай на неправилна употреба или токови удари.


Siviko OS и специализираните контролери са отговорни за провеждане на автоматизирано изпитване като превключват изпитваните жила, съхраняват данни от изпитването, контролират безопасните условия и изготвят протокол от изпитването. Освен това има автоматизирана процедура за локализацияна къси съединения и прекъсвания, която с голяма точност може да посочи мястото на проблема.

Лесна за работа

Цялата система е проектирана с мисъл за ежедневната работа на оператора.  Има прости и съществени инструкции как трябва да се извърши цялото изпитване стъпка по стъпка. SIVIKO ACT 150 проверява дали всички условия за безопасност са изпълнени преди да позволи следваща стъпка.

Измервателните изводи са удобно разположени в така наречените „балансьори“, които ги предпазват от повреда от кабелните барабани на нивото на земята.


Siviko OS позволява на оператора да създава нови типове на измервани обекти и да дефинира измервателните методи, като по този начин създава своя собствена библиотека. Софтуера запозва информация за всяко едно събитие и проведени изпитвания.

SIVIKO ACT 150 има вградена система за управление на потребителите. Освен това, има редица други настройки, които правят цялата система много гъвкава. Уредбата може да бъде използвана за медни, алуминиеви и друг тип електрически кабели.

Value added

Siviko ACT 150 enables you to test the quality of your cables in an easy, safe, fast and non-destructive manner. There is a simple and coherent step by step instructions on how each test needs to be done. The Siviko ACT 150 checks whether all necessary conditions have been met before one can get to the next step. The automatic cable tester will do all the rest for you. It will run automated tests for resistance and voltage for each conductor, it will look after the safety of the operator and in the end, it will print out a protocol stating whether the cables have passed or failed the requirements set by the respective standard. This will allow you to improve tremendously the quality control of your products without slowing your work processes or damaging the cables.

Why perform electric tests?

The electric tests for resistance and voltage for the whole length of the cable are basic indicators for the material and manufacturing quality of the cable core and its insulation layers. Higher resistance shows that the material of the core is of poor quality or cross-section out of specification, which will result in increased power losses. The high voltage withstand test shows the quality of the insulation. If a break in the insulation occurs during the high voltage test then the insulation has a manufacturing defect or is made of poor quality materials or it is simply insufficient. Such low-quality insulation will inevitably result in short-circuit that might cause a fire, damage the electrical equipment or cause fatal accidents. Therefore it is understandable, why many customers require a test report that ensures the quality of their purchase.


The standards stipulate that the electrical tests require the cable to be in the dry state and at ambient temperature when a voltage is applied of the magnitude given in the relevant cable standard, supplied from an A.C. source, between each conductor and all the other conductors and, if any, the metallic layer connected to earth. Then the voltage has to be gradually increased and maintained at the full value for the duration given in the relevant cable standard.

If one is to manually perform such tests, he is to face many problems and inconveniences. First of all, he has to have A.C. power source that could reach the desired high voltage of up to 4000 V. Second, he should have appropriate calibrated measurement equipment to measure the resistance and voltage and he has to be able to connect them properly and to run the appropriate tests. Third, he has to manually switch between each group of conductors. This is not only time-consuming but could also lead to accidents due to the high voltage applied. Last, but not least the operator has manually to write down the test results in his test protocol and then to keep the records organized and available.


Siviko ACT 150 takes care of all those problems. It has its own high-voltage A.C. power supply. It is equipped with high quality and with high accuracy measurement devices that can be easily calibrated by a certified laboratory if necessary. The dedicated software SIVIKO OS and the specialised PLC enable the automated switching between the tested conductors, collect the measured data, monitor the safety conditions and prints out a test report at the end. It is also possible to input the requirements set by any standard, such as EN 50395 etc.


Number of objects under test 4 cables
Number of wires in cables Cables with up to 50 wires with and without shield * customizable
 Test voltage 1 … 4 kV (for supply voltage 230/400 V)  * customizable
 Cable length 0,1 … 10 km  * customizable
Cable active resistance range  0 … 20 kΩ  * customizable
Localization Short circuit and wire break

Voltage source

Output Power 150 000 VA * customizable
Frequency 50 Hz
Input voltage 400 V  * customizable
Input current 0 … 50 A  * customizable
Output voltage 0 … 4000 V  * customizable
Output current 4 х 0 … 10 A  * customizable
Input protection Overvoltage protection
Output protection Short circuit protection

Measurement equipment

Active resistance measurement 0 … 20 kΩ / uncertainty ± 0,1 % (temp. compensated * customizable
Voltage measurement 0 … 4 kV / uncertainty ± 1,12 %  * customizable
Current measurement 0 … 5 A / uncertainty ± 1 %  * customizable


Processor ARM А8  
Inputs 48 digital inputs (24 V), 2 analog inputs 12 bit (RTD), 2 PQM modules  
Outputs 48 digital outputs (24 V / 0,5 A)  
Communication RS485 (Modbus-RTU), Ethernet (Modbus-TCP), OPC UA  

Industrial touch panel computer

Display Industrial 15″ XGA TFT LCD with 50K Lifetime LED Backlight  
Protection IP65 Approved Front Protection & Panel Mounting  
Sensor Durable 5-wire Resistive Touch Screen  

Power supply and mechanical data

Weight 1500 kg  
Safety fence weight 250 kg  
Dimensions 280 х 73 х 190 cm (w × d × h)  
Safety fence dimensionst 290 х 290 х 250 cm (w × d × h) * customizable
Power supply 230/400 VAC, 50 Hz, 22 500 VA  

Environmental conditions

Degree of protection IP 51H
Working temperature 10 … + 50 °C  
Storage temperature 0 … + 70 °C  
Relative humidity 10 … 90 % without condensation  


OS Siviko OS, Linux  
PC software Web-based  * option
Industry 4.0 Enabled