About Siviko

Siviko OOD is a hardware and software engineering company whose primary purpose is to enable the industry to be more productive and more efficient through industrial engineering and software solutions. The main focus is the integration of industrial robots and industrial control systems. It has office and production base in Ruse and office in Sofia, Bulgaria.

We have always had a passion for creating products and systems that are easy to use, more productive and reliable. For us, this is achieved by better integration between software and hardware, the introduction of modern technologies and, above all by putting the needs of the clients on the prime spot. The emphasis on quality and honesty makes the difference.

Siviko’s Key Strengths

We deliver solutions

Often, the problems we solve are complex and require a combination of knowledge from several different areas of expertise, the ability to innovate and to make the right judgments. That is why over the years we have been carefully building a portfolio of products, services and competencies to give us the widest possible range of tools to solve those problems. We deliver complete, working solutions.

We care about our customers

We measure our success by the success of our clients. There is nothing more motivating and energizing than working with entrepreneurs, managers, engineers and ordinary workers who care about their work and want to achieve better results. If you are looking for the same attitude in your partners, we will be a good match.

We learn and improve

We spent a significant amount of time and resources in ongoing effort to improve our products, services, processes and competencies. This allows us to keep track of the innovations happening in industrial automation and robotics and to constantly increase the value-added that we deliver to our customers.

Siviko’s Technical Competencies

electrical engineering

Electrical Engineering

We have experience in power engineering, electrical design, laboratory and field tests, high voltage laboratory design and energy management. We are also experienced in conducting precise measurements for industrial applications and in setting up VFD and PID controllers.

robot integration

Industrial Robots Integration

We are a system integrator of industrial robots. We offer a complete industrial robots integration solution that includes the installation and programming of industrial robots and peripherals, custom-made grippers and other supporting infrastructure. Read more about robot integration.

PLC programming

PLC Programming

We develop PLC software according to IEC61131 standard: ladder logic, structured text, function block diagram and sequential function chart. We have experience with CodeSys-based controllers such as Wago, Beckhoff, Schneider Electric, as well as Allen Bradley and Siemens.

Machine vision

Machine Vision

We have experience in integrating Cognex smart cameras and laser profilers. In combination with our other competencies, we can solve complex problems for guidance, identification, gauging and inspection.


Human Machine Interface (HMI)

For HMI programming we use Ignition, е!COCKPIT and our own web-based Siviko OS. We apply the High-Performance HMI principles. Operator performance can be greatly enhanced by them. 

design and prototyping

Machine Design and Prototyping

We have a good record of designing non-standard machines that involve a great deal of innovation. We create complete solutions and products – from ideation, design, and engineering to manufacturing, assembly and commissioning.


Networking and communication

We have experience with EtherCAT, EtherNet/IP, PROFINET, POWERLINK, SERCOS III, CC-Link IE, Modbus TCP etc. We can design industrial communication infrastructure.

HV Lab

High Voltage Laboratory

We work jointly with High-voltage Laboratory of the Technical University of Sofia, which is a convenient place for the design of complex solutions and tests of completed products in the field of electrical power distribution. 

Industrial Control Sytstem

Industrial Control System Integration

We are certified integrator of Ignition and credentialed integrator of Sepasoft. We use the Ignition software platform as a tool to build SCADA, MES, EMS and IIoT solutions. Ignition has a historian based on SQL Databases and a powerful OPC-UA server. Read more about industrial control systems.

Assembly and Commissioning

Assembly and Commissioning

We do the assembly on our own to ensure product quality and timing. This allows us to perform continuous tests throughout the assembly process and to innovate with different solutions. 


Mechanical Engineering

We design mechanical systems and mechanisms such as power and energy systems, kinematic chains, powertrains and metal structures.

Project and Business Management

Project and Business Management

We use both phased and lean project management depending on the specifics of the project. We have good insight into the manufacturing process in general, which adds value to our services and products.

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