About us

Siviko OOD was founded in 2014 by four partners with different but complementary skills and knowledge. Our main activity is related to the integration of industrial control systems, assembly of non-standard engineering projects and production of machines for the wire and cable industry. Our goal is to be one of the leading companies in our branch in Bulgaria and Europe.

Key strengths

We are both a hardware and a software company and we have a passion to create great industrial automation products and systems that are easy to use, more productive and reliable. We have three main pillars that are our key strengths: innovation, quality and team.


We make both the hardware and the software in our products, which allows us to try and implement truly innovative solutions.


We have a business culture that emphases on delivering quality. For us, it is all about delivering as good as possible overall user experience – from initial delivery, through daily operations to after service. We strive for our products to be reliable, with high-quality, efficient, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing.


We have a talented team that has a lot of experience and at the same time is eager to learn and try new things.