About us

Siviko OOD is a hardware and software engineering company whose primary purpose is to enable the industry to be more productive and more efficient through industrial engineering and software solutions.

We have always had a passion for creating products and systems that are easy to use, more productive and reliable. For us, this is achieved by better integration between software and hardware, the introduction of modern technologies and, above all by putting the needs of the clients on the prime spot. The emphasis on quality and honesty makes the difference.

We measure our success by the success of our clients. There is nothing more motivating and energizing than working with entrepreneurs, managers, engineers and ordinary workers that really care about their work and want to achieve better results. If you are looking for the same attitude in your partners, we have just opened our doors to you.

Key strengths

Often, the problems we solve are complex and require combination of knowledge from several different areas of expertise, the ability to innovate and то make the right judgments. That is why over the years we have been carefully building a portfolio of products, services and competencies to give us the widest possible range of tools to solve those problems. We currently work in five major areas, often making combinations between them:

  • Non-standard industrial automation and machines
  • Industrial Control Systems (SCADA, MES, EMS and IIoT) based on Ignition
  • Fanuc industrial robots and non-standard grips, conveyor belts and manipulators
  • Machine vision systems
  • Industrial Measuring Instruments – Laurel Electronic, Sonel, Status Instruments and Intereng