MIC-10k1, MIC-5050, new models of insulation resistance meters
March 7, 2017
Sonel MIC-2501 new insulation resistance tester / meter
April 10, 2017

New and very fast power quality analyzer – Sonel PQM-703

It is almost a year since the SONEL SA release the first Class A PQM-702 power quality analyzer. The company is already known in the world with manufacturing a wide range of measuring instruments for the power industry. After annual presence on the market many customers of the new PQM-702 confirmed high usefulness of measurement and registering data for effective diagnostic of power supply problems. Especially very useful features are built-in GPS modem provides high time accuracy of measurement and an integrated GSM modem enabling remote control and data transfer. Among metrological features is worth mentioning about 8GB memory that gives possible to collect simultaneously more than 4,500 supply parameters at intervals even 200ms, supplemented waveforms instantaneous values of voltage and current and RMS (1/2). This allowed not only to analysis of power quality according to the standards and regulations but also for create a detailed picture of the operating parameters and eventual disturbing phenomena. Very effective proved to be in this kind of measurements results fast transfer to a computer which allows for significantly shortened the operating time needed for analyze measured results. It would seem that it will be impossible to add any new functionality to such an extremely small housing, even though that for the full diagnostic analyzer interference lacked fast transients recording.

Recent weeks have confirmed the prediction that Sonel SA intends to expand the family of power quality meters. Few weeks ago new PQM-703 appear on the market, with hardware recorder of transients with maximum sampling frequency of 10MHz and voltage range of +/- 6000V. Furthermore, it allows registration of control signals in power networks.

Already the first practical tests on industrial power grids demonstrated the diagnostic usefulness of fast registration of transients. Previously unnoticed fast phenomenon in voltage particularly in terms of lightning and switching, finally became visible. They have a particular impact on the reliability of power supply, because it does not always cause direct damage, but steadily worsening state of surge protection. Precise comparison of the results of several analyzers show high accuracy of the time for recorded transients, confirming the diagnostic usefulness of this instrument.

The PQM-703 completely fulfill the functional analysis and diagnosis needs of power quality disturbances in power networks being the perfect complement to the existing offer of SONEL S.A.

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