Siviko Wire Pay-off | WPO 630H2

SIVIKO WPO 630H2 is an Industry 4.0 enabled, automated wire pay-off machine, which offers high-speed, reliable product quality and increased cost efficiency. It can work with individual wires with 0,16 … 0,80 mm diameter and wire bundles with 0,18 … 0,95 mm diameter. It is the perfect fit for bobbin winders, take-up machines etc. 



  • Secure two-sided mounting and variety of sensors ensure maximum productivity and safety in operations
  • Solid frame welded construction with compact design
  • INDUSTRY 4.0 enabled, provides performance, energy consumption and status data through Modbus to external systems and devices


  • Keeps wire tension constant by precise pneumatic wire tension control, dynamic motor control and PID controlled dancer
  • Twist free pay-off of individual wires and wire bundles
  • Automatically stops when wire breaks


  • Normal working speed up to 850 m/min, with a ramp-up time down to 10 s
  • Quick reel change via pneumatically actuated pintle
  • Easy change of reel type with additional tools
  • Wire pay-off path direction adjustment up to 90°

Cost Efficiency

  • Reel loading without any auxiliary devices as it has embedded electrical gear motor lift system
  • Lower energy consumption through high motor efficiency level (IE3) and variable-frequency drive (VFD)
  • Cost-efficient maintenance due to durable design and availability of maintenance data


  • Safety fence and a lockable door that makes the reel inaccessible by an accident during operations
  • Reliable safety relay to check and monitor the safety system
  • Sensor and algorithms that stop the machine immediately if there is a change of grip or position of the reel
  • Emergency stop and a brake that could stop the machine in max 5 s




Linear speed 850 m/min (max for reel barrel diameter of 315 mm)  * customizable
Wire type Cu, Cu tin-plated  
Wire bundle size cross section 0,025 … 0,75 mm2  / diameter 0,18 … 0,98 mm  
Individual wire size cross section 0,020 … 0,50 mm2 / diameter 0,16 … 0,80 mm  
Wire tension 2 N … 20 N * customizable
Ramp up/down for reel 650 kg min 10 s  


Number of reels 1
Spindle capacity 650 kg (max)  
Reel dimensions 400 … 630 mm  * customizable
Reel standards DIN46395, DIN46397  * customizable


Speed control Self-adjustable by dancer  
Motor speed control Variable frequency drive vector control  
Dancer PID Loop Feedback
Accumulator length 3000 mm  * customizable
Wire path direction adjustment 0 … 90°
Wire tension control Manual precise pneumatics
Reel lifting system Electrical gear motor lift
Jog mode Push button and pedal operated
Dancer roll Non-metal * customizable


Emergency stop Twist to release push button  
Time until full stop max 5 s at full speed with 650 kg reel  
Safety fence and door Auto locked when the operation starts
Operation status Lights and blinking code signals  * customizable


Power and Type 7,5 kW / 3 phase asynchronous motor  * customizable
Variable Frequency Drive Vector control  
Motor break Electromagnetic
Motor cooling Active
Efficiency Level IE3


Air supply 6 … 10 bar  * customizable

Interface and Communication

Analog input Linear speed set point – 0 … 10 V or 0/4 … 20 mA  
Run; Fault Outputs – dry contacts  * customizable
Communication RS-485 (Modbus RTU), Ethernet (Modbus TCP)
Industry 4.0 Enabled

Power supply and mechanical data

Weight approx. 650 kg  * customizable
Dimensions 1150 х 1060 х 1620 mm (W × D × H)  * customizable
Power supply AC 230/400 V, 50 Hz (AC 220/380 V, 50 Hz); 8 kVA  * customizable

Environmental conditions

Degree of protection of cabinet IP 54  
Working temperature 0 … + 50 °C  
Relative humidity 10 … 90 % without condensation