Siviko Wire Single Spooler | WSS 1000H1

Siviko WSS 1000H1 is an Industry 4.0 enabled wire single spooler. It is designed for wires with an individual wire diameter of 0.42 mm… 2.40 mm or multi-wire bundles with a cross-section of 0.05 mm2 … 6.50 mm2. The maximum production speed is 800 m/min. The machine can accommodate spools with a maximum flange diameter of 1000 mm.



  • User-friendly recipe and operation settings control through touch-screen HMI
  • Secure two-sided mounting and variety of sensors ensure maximum productivity and safety in operations
  • Solid frame welded construction
  • Industry 4.0 enabled, provides performance, energy consumption and status data through Modbus to external systems and devices


  • Precise traverse winding by a servo motor
  • Twist free take-up of individual wires and wire bundles
  • Maintenance-free energy-efficient three-phase asynchronous drive
  • Automatically stops when wire breaks


  • Normal working speed up to 800 m/min
  • Length measurement
  • Quick reel change via pneumatically actuated pintle
  • Simple change of reel type with additional tools

Cost Efficiency

  • Autonomous spool lifting by an electric motor
  • Lower energy consumption through high motor efficiency level (IE3) and variable-frequency drive (VFD)
  • Cost-efficient maintenance due to durable design and availability of maintenance data


  • Reliable safety relay monitoring the safety system
  • Emergency stop and a brake that stops the machine in max 5 s
  • Operation condition light tower
  • Optional safety fence and a lockable door that makes the reel inaccessible by an accident during operations



Linear speed 800 m/min (max)  * customizable
Wire type Cu, Cu tin-plated  
Wire bundle size cross section 0,05 … 6,50 mm2 / diameter 0,25 … 2,88 mm  
Individual wire size cross section 0,14 … 4,50 mm2 / diameter 0,42 … 2,40 mm  


Number of reels 1
Spindle capacity 1250 kg (max)  
Reel dimensions ∅ 630, ∅ 800, ∅ 1000  * customizable
Reel standards DIN46395, DIN46397  * customizable


Power and Type 18,5 kW / 3 phase asynchronous motor  * customizable
Variable Frequency Drive Vector control  
Efficiency Level IE3


Full reels ejector Pneumatic  
Wire traverse Servo motor driven  

Power supply and mechanical data

Weight approx. 1900 kg  * customizable
Dimensions 2300 х 1260 х 1200 mm (w × d × h)  * customizable
Power supply AC 230/400 V, 50 Hz (AC 220/380 V, 50 Hz)  * customizable