We Offer Robotic Palletizing that is Fast, Flexible and Easy to Use 

We offer reliable, efficient and flexible robotic palletizing and depalletizing solutions for various items such as bags, boxes, containers and other items. Efficiently transporting materials in and out of your manufacturing process can make a big difference in your labour needs, time to market, and your bottom line.

Working with us on your robotic palletizing needs has many advantages:

Increase palletizing speed

  • Remove production bottlenecks;
  • Handle parts 24/7,  at up to 35 cycles per minute or more;
  • Utilize a payload of up to 1000 kg.

Reduce costs

  • Payback period less than 3 years;
  • Utilize workers for higher value-added tasks;
  • Save floor space.

Improve quality

  • Improve palletizing repeatability;
  • Increase process dependability;
  • Seamless integration in the workflow.

Increase flexibility

  • Use a single end-of-arm tool to handle several processes and objects;
  • No programming skills needed;
  • Quick and easy change of palletizing program.

Why Robotic Palletizing from Siviko?

We offer robotic palletizing and depalletizing that is faster, more dependable, easier to use and more flexible than others.

We combine the palletizing robots from FANUC and other brands that are renowned for their speed and dependability with our own design of end-of-arm tooling and a dedicated Siviko Smart Pallet software that enables you to operate the robot cell with no programming skills. Thus robotic palletizing achieves a better return on investment even in companies that manufacture small batches of various products.

Best-in-class palletizing robots by FANUC

FANUC offers a complete line of robots designed specifically for palletizing that deliver consistent performance at the world’s fastest cycle times. They can handle up to 1000 kg. Palletizing rates can vary anywhere from 8 to 35 cases per minute for a single robot picking a single product at a time depending on stacking patterns, requirements, and even higher throughput if the robot is picking rows or layers of products.

FANUC is a market leader with more than 750 000 installed robots worldwide (as of 2021). The made-in-Japan robots have earned a reputation for unmatched quality, uptime and reliability over the last decades.

As the worldwide leader in robotics, FANUC is continually innovating with technologies like its iRVision, a built-in machine vision that makes the robot more adaptive when handling different objects. This is especially important in depalletizing projects. 

This is the reason why we prefer working with FANUC.
FANUC palletizing robots lineup
Siviko End of Arm Tools for robotic palletizing

Siviko multifunctional end-of-arm tools for robotic palletizing

End-of-arm tooling (EOAT, also known as “gripper”) is a key part of robotic technology. It is the equipment that is mounted on the end of a robotic arm and interacts with parts and components. Traditional EOAT methods are cost-effective when robots perform the same repetitive and simple processes with the same EOAT device. The challenge is to create an EOAT that can handle a variety of products and processes. This significantly increases the applicability and usefulness of a robotic application.

We design and build in-house multipurpose EOAT. Our tools can handle variable sizes and weights without requiring a tool change. Furthermore, they can perform several processes such as palletizing an object, picking and placing an empty pallet, placing padding and others. Our tools increase the processing speed and provide more flexibility in handling various objects and processes.

The ability to design and produce the EOAT in-house gives us a lot of freedom in creating robotic palletizing solutions that fit perfectly the need of our customers. In this way, we do not use oversized for the specific demands of the process robots and infrastructure. This saves both money and floor space.

Easy to create new palletizing configurations

Siviko Smart Pallet, our smart software application, allows the end-user to create palletizing configurations without programming skills. They have to enter only the specific configuration:

  • Object’s (bag, boxes, etc.) size, weight and orientation;
  • Pallet dimensions;
  • Layout program configuration for even and odd rows;
  • The number of objects per row and number of rows.

Based on the input information, the software automatically commands the robot’s movements. In addition, it verifies the information entered and does not allow configurations that are physically impossible or dangerous. In this way, users can easily and safely create or edit palletizing programs themselves independently of the system integrator. With this software, robotic palletizing becomes much more flexible and easier to use for the end-user.

Siviko Smart Pallet software for robotic palletizing

Why Selecting Siviko as a Long-term Partner?

We believe in the huge benefits of long-term relations with our customers. Our job does not end with the delivery of the robot cell. In a dynamic and growing manufacturing company, there are always problems to solve. We continue to add value by the seamless integration of the robot cells with other systems and processes and by excellent ongoing maintenance and support. Furthermore, it is a great asset to have a competent and motivated engineering team like ours on your side.

Siviko robot programming for robotic palletizing

Seamless integration with other systems

Integrating the robot cell into the overall manufacturing process flow is a challenging task. It means that the robot cell has to work in perfect sync both with the processes upstream and downstream of it. Processing and transferring materials and products flawlessly between the workstations is of essential importance. This is usually the most difficult part of industrial robot integration given the constant variability and randomness in the manufacturing process. And it is the main cause of problems in the daily operations after commissioning.

We solve it by using:

  • Smart robot programming that allows configuration by the end-user,
  • Custom grippers or other end-of-arm tools,
  • Appropriate conveyor belts,
  • Additional manipulators or actuators,
  • Integrated machine vision,
  • Industrial control systems based on Ignition,
  • Dosing systems,
  • Sensors and measuring instruments,
  • and all other necessary components for the application.

We always take into consideration the exact needs of the customer in terms of rate and available floor space.

Ongoing support and maintenance

A key benefit of installing robotic palletizing systems is that they tend to require a lot less maintenance than other automated systems.  There are fewer moving parts to wear out. Furthermore, the FANUC robots that we use have proven to be extremely reliable across many industries for decades.

However, just because a project is complete, doesn’t mean that we stop adding value. We know that ongoing support is a critical part of being a valued partner to our customers. We offer the following solutions to ensure that your robotics integration is implemented well and runs smoothly:

  • Comprehensive training – We provide both operator and maintenance training once the installation on-site is complete.
  • Remote support – We have remote diagnostics integrated into the system, which enables us to troubleshoot and solve most of the issues remotely. This enables quick response and saves a lot of lost production time through downtime.
  • On-site and parts support – When necessary, we send engineers on-site and provide spare parts to keep your lines operating smoothly.
  • Robot maintenance – FANUC offers an excellent maintenance service for the robot arms in Bulgaria and the region.
Siviko remote maintenanance software for robotic palletizing
Siviko's team in 2023

Experienced and dedicated engineering team

Robot integration into an operation is no easy task.  The design, integration and operation phases in such projects come with many challenges. Therefore, the experience, competence and attitude of the engineering team are key factors for successful projects. We have one of the best teams in the region in our field:

  • Competencies and experience – we have some of the best engineers in Bulgaria in terms of mechanical, electrical and automation engineering, robot and PLC programming, software and SCADA development and process analysis.  Learn more about Siviko.
  • Working process and culture – we have experience in creating entirely new concepts from scratch by taking into account the customer needs, the possibilities of technology and the requirements of business success. We foster a culture of design thinking and transparent collaboration within the team. The result is well-thought, designed and built projects that excel in performance, reliability and ease of use.
  • In-house fabrication – we have a strong network of reliable suppliers and a modern workshop, which allows us to fabricate and assemble in-house most of the palletizing system components. This shortens the lead time and ensures the high quality of the final project. 

Robotic Palletizing Selected Projects

The highly-automated palletizing line utilizes a FANUC M-710iC/70 and a Siviko gripper that can palletize valve bags and pick and place empty pallets and plastic padding. It also features the Siviko Smart Pallet, our smart software application, which allows the end-user to create palletizing configurations without programming skills.

Palletizing Robot with Pallet and Padding Pick-up for Two Lines. The palletizing line utilizes a FANUC M-410iC/110 which is considered the fastest palletizing robot in its class with a working range of 2,400 mm and a load capacity of 110 kg. The robot has a multifunctional Siviko PBG gripper that can palletize valve bags and pick and place empty pallets and plastic padding. The system also features the Siviko Smart Pallet. The palletizing robot services two production lines, which offers great ROI and use of space.

The Siviko Bag Application Robot system is an excellent automated solution for the bagging process of valve bags. It is fast, flexible, compact in size and easy to use. It can work with all types of filling machines and with many different types of valve bags. 

Robotic palletizing of boxes. The robot, a compact, fast and affordable FANUC M-20iD/35, equipped with a Siviko PBXG gripper palletizes over 10 types of boxes with different sizes, designs and weights up to 13 kg. The robot cell is compact – measuring 2.5 m by 2.5 m and simple in design, making it an ideal solution for smaller factories. The palletizing programs are selected from the robot’s teach pendant from a drop-down list.


In this project, we increased the palletizing capacity of an existing FANUC robot by over 75%. We accomplished that by creating a buffer upstream of the robot, engineering of a new gripper with a better grip, reprogramming the robot and integrating its operation in the existing SCADA system.

FANUC M-710iC/70 palletizing robot manipulates plastic bags and does 6 different operations with a single gripper. The robot takes up the empty bags, opens and positions them, controls the dosing, seals with heating, and finally palletize the bags.

Are you interested in using palletizing industrial robots in your factory?

We can help you in exploring and integrating the best robotic palletizing solution for your case.

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