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January 10, 2017
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March 7, 2017

New generation of multifunction meters for electrical installations

Multifunction meters for electrical installations gained a wide audience of supporters, who prefer the combination of all measurement functions in one device. Formerly such meters were not handy and the measurements made with them were less accurate, but nowadays the latest multifunction meters often exceed single function meters with their parameters and their small dimensions allowing the user for convenient and ergonomic work.

Among other meters available on the market Sonel MPI-530 is really impressive. The meter enables performance of the following measurements: electrical anti-shock protection including earth resistance with different methods, earth resistivity and also illuminance, phase rotation and motor rotation. Additionally it enables registration and analysis of voltage, current (including harmonics) and power.

For all measurement functions there is a possibility of evaluation if measurement result holds within specified limits (set by user or coming from the norms).

Short circuit loop impedance measurement with resolution 0,001 Ω can be performed in electrical installations all around the world (95..440 V; 45..65 Hz), in L-PE, L-N or L-L circuits. Prospective short circuit current is automatically calculated with (set by user) nominal voltage or measured voltage. On the screen there are results of short circuit loop impedance, its components, short circuit current, voltage and frequency.

The measurement is made with “artificial short” method, with several amperes current, which guarantees high accuracy and allows for very short measurement time (10 ms). In case of measurement in networks secured with RCD special measurement function shall be used, which allows for performing the measurement with very small current to ensure that during the measurement the RCD will not trigger. Also in this case full value of impedance is measured and measuring range, according to norm EN 61557, is from 0,5 to 2000 Ω.

Measurement of Residual Current Devices (RCD) type AC, A and B

Sonel MPI-530 enables all types of RCD parameters measurement: AC, A, B, general, selective and short-delay, with rated current from 10 mA to 1000 mA. Triggering time and current are measured and additionally touch voltage and resistance of PE conductor; the measurement can start with raising or falling slope (AC current) or can be done with positive or negative value current (unidirectional or DC current).

The measurements can be performed individually or automatically, where user’s task is to start the measurement and turn on RCD after each triggering. The sequence of this measurement can be expanded with short circuit loop impedance measurement in L-PE circuit, in “RCD” mode (the types of measurements are set by user).

The automatic measurement offers two modes:

“Full” where measurement is made with all shapes of measuring current for each type of RCD (AC, A, B) – ex. in case of B type RCD the measurements will be done with four different shapes of measuring current (alternative, unidirectional, unidirectional with constant component and direct);
“Standard” where measurement is made only with chosen shapes of current.

The additional function is measurement of triggering time and current during just one activation of measured RCD.

Insulation resistance measurement

The insulation resistance measurement can be performed with one of five test voltages: 50, 100, 250, 500 and 1000 V. The automatic discharge of measured object after each measurement provides safety of user. The measuring range is up to 10 GΩ.

The measurement can be performed manually, with the use of test leads; automatically in socket, with the use of Uni-Schuko adapter (after single triggering of “Start” button, all combinations of measurements are made) and automatically with the use of special AutoISO adapter – measurements of 3-, 4- and 5-core wires. The adapter automatically switches between following measured circuits (L1-L2, L1-L3, etc.), measuring insulation between all pairs in 3-, 4- and 5-core wires. After the measurement, the object is automatically discharged and the results are saved to meter’s memory.

Earth resistance measurement

Earth resistance measurement can be performed with the following methods: technical 3-pole, technical 4-pole, technical 3-pole with clamp and two-clamp. 3-pole with clamp and two-clamp methods enable to check multiple earthings without disconnecting; additionally two-clamp method does not require earth probes. The choice of measuring current frequencies enables to eliminate all interferences generated by network voltage.

The unique function is measurement of soil resistivity on different depths (with possibility of choice of distance between earth probes).

Continuity measurement of protective and equipotential bondings and resistance measurement

Before the measurement the resistance of test leads shall be zeroed and later it will be automatically compensated for each measurement. Resistance can be measured with small, 10 mA current with acoustic signaling or with 200 mA current, flowing in both directions (continuity of protective wire measurement according to norms requirements).

Protective conductor check

During measurement of RCD or short circuit loop in L-PE circuit there is a possibility to check if the voltage between touch electrode on the meter and protective conductor PE does not exceed 50 V. The result is read after touching the electrode – if voltage on protective conductor is bigger than 50 V, on the screen there will appear “PE!” sign and acoustic signal will be generated.

Phase rotation check and motor rotation check

For better use of phase rotation and motor rotation tester special adapters for three-phase sockets can be used. There are 7 different types of these adapters, for 16, 32 and 63-amps sockets, which can be also used for measurements of short circuit loop, RCD or insulation resistance.

Registration and analysis of voltage, AC current and power

Sonel MPI-530 enables measurement in real time and registration of voltage and, with the use of additional clamp, also current, power (active, reactive and apparent) and power factor. Depending on the clamp used, maximal measured current can have value of up to 3 kA. There is a choice of two types of hard clamps and three types of flexible clamps, with diameter up to 36 cm. Intuitive module of harmonics analysis for current and voltage (up to 40th) is available.

Illuminance measurement

The supplement for meter’s functionality is special adapter – probe with light intensity sensor, enabling illuminance measurements. Thanks to this, apart from electrical measurements and registration, the user has fully functional luxmeter, enabling light measurements with accordance to norm EN 12464.

Memory, PC transmission and creation of measurement reports

Sonel MPI-530 has a brand new concept of memory – it has tree structure with “Client – Premises – Room – Measurement Point” layout. The user has a possibility to save several thousands of measurement results according to the protocol order. Each result can be precisely described (client, premises and point names). This enables to prepare a part of protocol during performance of measurements. Very important and useful for the work of electrician is the possibility of preparation the structure of measurements with “Sonel PE” software. Later, it can be downloaded to meter and the measurements can be performed according to the prepared schedule. If necessary, the structure can be changed during performance of measurements.

Data can be saved to memory manually after each measurement or automatically. Descriptions of objects, measurement points and clients names can be done using the virtual on-screen keyboard or with the use of additional wireless keyboard (possibility to attach wireless keyboard with hand strap).

The meter’s memory can be also used in a “classical” way, which means operating only with numbers of memory cells. In this case measurements for each function can be saved in one cell (not necessarily for the same measurement point).

Complete result (main and additional) concerning each measurement or set of measurements with parameters’ settings and time and date of measurement is saved to meter’s memory. The memory can be browsed on the meter’s screen or with the use of computer software. Sonel Reader software (included as standard accessory) enables transmission of memory results to computer (with USB or Bluetooth interface). Optional Sonel PE software enables additionally preparation of object’s structure and preparation of complete report from measurements. Special software Sonel “Foton 12464” is made to prepare the reports from illuminance measurements.

Sonel MPI-530 is supplied with complete set of test leads, pin probes, crocodile clips, earth measurement kit, rechargeable battery and carry case. Test leads, pin probes and crocodile clips fulfill the latest, extremely strict standards for safety during the measurement. The meter has efficient dedicated battery, which in combination with the built-in fast charger reduces costs associated with charging. It is also possible to provide power supply through standard battery. Meter continuously monitors the state of charge of the batteries, and when unused switches off automatically (when the auto-off time is set).

Additional accessories to the meter according to your needs could be: one of the five type of clamps for current and power measurement (clamp C-3 can also be used for measuring the earth by clamps, and in conjunction with clamp broadcasting N-1 for earth resistance measurement method with 2-clamps), AutoISO-1000C adapter, adpaters and sockets for three-phase industrial contacts (7 types) or additional cables of different lengths.

Source: https://www.sonel.pl

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