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July 30, 2018
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July 10, 2019

Presenting Siviko Wire Pay-off WPO 630H

In June 2018 we delivered our first four high-speed pay-off machines for fine copper wire Siviko WPO 630H. We have managed to achieve all of our goals that would make the final product truly innovative and outstanding. The machine has a sturdy and ergonomic design and features high-productivity, reliable product quality, increased cost efficiency and easy connectivity with external systems. The fine wire pay-off Siviko WPO 630H is the perfect fit for bobbin winders, take-up machines that are used in the manufacturing of wire, shielded cables, connecting flexible hoses etc.

There are many existing high-speed pay-off machines on the market, and seemingly it is a standard technology that has very little room for innovation. However, we approached the engineering task not by analogy, e.g. copying existing models, but by thinking deeper of the working process and all its small details. Through this exercise, we have found that many of the existing concepts can be improved. Therefore, we set to engineer the machine from scratch – the mechanics, electric schematics, automation and software have all been designed in-house.

Performance. Our first insight was that the value added of this machine is created by paying off the fine copper wire as fast as possible to the connected take-up machine or bobbin winder. We have discovered that the existing models on the market have a maximum working speed of 600-650 m/min, which could be improved significantly. With the right engineering, we managed to increase the working speed by 30% up to 850 m/min and up to 1200 m/min (55%) during manufacturing tests, with a ramp-up time down to 10 s, which makes it the-best-in-class machine on the market.

We have also eliminated a lot of wasted time by limiting the time for unnecessary stops, such as reel change or unplanned downtime. The change of reel has now become quick and simple by an integrated lifting system that has pre-fixed positions and a pintle that can accommodate reels with diameters from Ø 400 to Ø 630 mm without additional accessories. We have also created an ergonomic design, which helps the operators to be more productive. The machine is equipped with a pedal for the jog mode, which allows the operator to use both hands during threading

Quality. For high-quality spooling, having precise tension control is a must. Siviko WPO 630H ensures the quality of the end product by keeping wire tension constant by precise pneumatic wire tension control, dynamic motor control and PID controlled dancer. Furthermore, the machine stops automatically in case a wire breaks. The precision in tension control has also allowed us to achieve a significant increase in nominal working speed.

Safety. Siviko WPO 630H has secure two-sided mounting on a solid welded frame and variety of sensors that ensure maximum productivity and safety in operations. Furthermore, safety is ensured through a safety relay which monitors the status of the whole system, and safety fence with a lockable door that makes the reel inaccessible by an accident during operations.

Cost-efficiency. The machine has some clever features that save extra time and money. First of all, the reel loading happens without any auxiliary devices as it has embedded electrical gear motor lift system. Second, the machine has lower energy consumption due to high motor efficiency level (IE3) and variable-frequency drive (VFD). Third, it has very cost-efficient maintenance due to the durable design and of the provided maintenance data. The used materials are of the best quality as we have used parts from renowned brands such as Lenze, Allen-Bradley, Wago, Schneider Electric, Omron, Festo, SKF etc. Last, but not least, the Siviko WPO 630H save additional floor space due to its compact design and the ability to adjust the pay-off path direction in 90° range.

Connectivity. Nowadays, with the advent of Industry 4.0, the availability of data is key to the increase in productivity. Siviko WPO 630H is Industry 4.0 enabled, meaning that it provides performance, energy consumption and status data through Modbus to external systems and devices. In this particular case, we connected them to the existing Siviko Ignition SCADA server in the factory.

In the following video, you can see the machine working in cooperation with bobbin winder. It starts and stops smoothly and has reached a pay-off speed of 900 m/min. If you want to know more about the Siviko WPO 630H, please get in touch with us.


Svetoslav Vasilev
Svetoslav Vasilev
Svetoslav is the CEO and co-owner of Siviko. He has a Master's Degree in Management from Stockholm School of Economics, Sweden and CEMS, Singapore, and MicroMasters Credential for Principles of Manufacturing by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). He has professional experience in business development, project management, and process analysis, and digitalization.