We enable the industry to be more productive and efficient through industrial engineering and software solutions, such as the integration of industrial robots and Ignition SCADA, MES and IIoT.

Our portfolio of products, services and competencies to give us a wide range of tools to solve complex manufacturing problems:

Industrial Robots Integration

Siviko penumatic gripper for palletizing

We are a system integrator of industrial robots, which allows us to offer flexible and reliable solutions for:

We offer complete industrial robots integration solutions that include the installation and programming of industrial robots and peripherals and other supporting infrastructure such as the design and manufacture of custom grippers, conveyor belts, manipulators, machine vision, Ignition based industrial control systems, dosing systems, sensors and measuring instruments and more.

Industrial robots are increasingly used in a variety of industries and applications because they can be programmed to perform dangerous, dirty and/or repetitive tasks with consistent precision and accuracy. We believe that robotic systems are yet to find application in Bulgaria. It will enable local manufacturers to be more productive, optimize their costs, increase the quality of the product and be more flexible in the face of market changes. Furthermore, this will make them more competitive on the international stage as well.

Selected projects

Siviko End of Arm Tools for robotic palletizing

The highly-automated palletizing line utilizes a FANUC M-710iC/70 and a Siviko gripper that can palletize valve bags and pick and place empty pallets and plastic padding. It also features the Siviko Smart Pallet, our smart software application, which allows the end-user to create palletizing configurations without programming skills.

Siviko box palletizing

Robotic palletizing of boxes. The robot, a compact, fast and affordable FANUC M-20iD/35, equipped with a Siviko PBXG gripper palletizes over 10 types of boxes with different sizes, designs and weights up to 13 kg. The robot cell is compact – measuring 2.5 m by 2.5 m and simple in design, making it an ideal solution for smaller factories. The palletizing programs are selected from the robot’s teach pendant from a drop-down list.

Industrial palletizing robot

FANUC M-710iC/70 palletizing robot manipulates plastic bags and does 6 different operations with a single gripper. The robot takes up the empty bags, opens and positions them, controls the dosing, seals with heating, and finally palletize the bags.

Industrial robot handling valve bags

The Siviko Bag Application Robot system is an excellent automated solution for the bagging process of valve bags. It is fast, flexible, compact in size and easy to use. It can work with all types of filling machines and with many different types of valve bags. 

Industrial Control System

We offer the development and implementation of industrial control systems (ICS).

ICS is a combination of software, hardware and communications infrastructure that allows real-time data acquisition from the production process and its management and optimization. They are the missing link between the hardware (programmable logic controllers, actuators and sensors) and the higher-level enterprise systems (ERP, CRM, BI and etc.)

We are a certified integrator of Ignition, which is among the fastest-growing platforms in the world for the development of industrial software applications due to its technological and licensing advantages. Ignition allows for the development of various applications such as SCADA, MES, EMS and IIoT that work seamlessly in an integrated environment.

The industrial control system helps in four main ways:

  • Increased rate and productivity due to automation of the production process and improved problem-solving based on data from the factory floor;
  • Decreased costs and reduced waste due to the automation of certain work e.g. manual gathering of data, prevention of accidents and enhanced tools for continuous process improvement;
  • Improved quality by detecting and preventing defects, alarming and monitoring;
  • Increased flexibility through real-time production data, recipe management and easier communication between machines, workers and systems.

Industrial Automation and Machines

We have engineering experience in the fields of industrial automation, electronics, software development, power engineering and mechanical engineering. Furthermore, we have experience in business process analysis and project management. This allows us to execute non-standard engineering projects that demand an analytical understanding of the client’s needs, deep interdisciplinary knowledge, innovative thinking and special emphasis on quality.

Selected projects

High-speed wire Pay-off machine for fine wire

SIVIKO WPO 630H2 is an Industry 4.0 enabled, automated wire pay-off machine, which offers cable manufactures high-speed, reliability and high safety standards in operations. It is the perfect fit for bobbin winders, take-up machines etc.

Automatic Cable Tester Siviko ACT 150

SIVIKO ACT 150 is an innovative automated cable tester that offers a reliable and convenient automated solution for cable manufacturers and distributors that want to ensure the quality of their products by running in-house electric tests for active resistance, withstand voltage and location of eventual faults.

Machine Vision Systems

Machine vision control by Siviko with Cognex

We design machine vision systems that can be complemented by our solutions for non-standard industrial automation, industrial control systems and industrial robots. This allows us to solve more complex problems. Machine vision has four main applications in the industry:

  • Guidance – accurate localization of position and orientation of a part in 2D and 3D space and targeting robots or machines to them;
  • Identification – vision enable technologies to read codes and alphanumeric characters;
  • Gauging – measuring distances and locations to assess specification
  • Inspection – identifying defects, irregularities and other manufacturing flaws

Measurement Devices

Laurel Electronics

Laurel Electronics, Inc.

designs and manufactures electronic instruments for industrial measurement, control and networking. Its panel meters, electronic counters and transmitters can be networked via RS485, USB or Ethernet using the Modbus protocol and set the standard of the industry with technical features and performance. The digital panel meters and transmitters have many different applications:

Latest Blog Posts

Affordable and flexible robotic palletizing for small and medium-sized manufacturing companies

Our solution for affordable robotic palletizing is a combination of correctly sized and reliable robots, multifunctional Siviko grippers, and easy-to-use palletizing software, through which our customers can operate the robot without specialized programming knowledge. In the next three projects, we will talk about this approach in detail.

Automated Robot Palletizing Line

The fully automated robot palletizing line takes care of the whole process after packaging. It prepares for palletizing 25kg valve bags, palletizes them, and picks and places empty pallets and plastic sheets at the bottom of the pallet. Furthermore, the smart palletizing software Siviko Smart Pallet allows the end-user to create palletizing configurations without any programming skills.

Participation of Siviko of the Machtech & Innotech 2021

We are participating for the first time in the largest technical exhibition in Bulgaria – Machtech & Innotech, which will be held from 14.09 to 17.09.2021 in Inter Expo Center, Sofia. If you want to meet us and discuss your ideas and problems, you can find us at stand number A22 in Hall 2.

More than Palletizing Robot

An innovative project for a palletizing robot that turned out to be something much more complex. The industrial robot manipulates plastic bags and does 6 different operations with a single gripper. The robot takes-up empty bags, opens them, position them, controls the dosing, seals with heating, and finally palletize the bags.

Industrial Robot Handling Valve Bags

The Siviko Bag Application Robot system is an excellent automated solution for the bagging process of valve bags. It is fast, flexible, compact in size and easy to use. It can work with all types of filling machines and with many different types of valve bags. This makes it a universal solution across many industries and products that use valve bags for packaging.

Technological Development in Manufacturing: Advanced Industrial Robots. Mega Trends, Part 2.

The development of adaptability, ease of programming, and integration will give rise to what is termed advanced robotics. Advanced robotics systems will transform industrial operations. Compared with conventional robots, advanced robots have а superior perception, integrability, adaptability, and mobility. Taken together, these improvements mean that advanced robots will be able to perform many more tasks more economically than the previous generation of automated systems.